Blog to Discover: The Thrify Mama – Natural and Thrifty

My sister has been telling me about a natural blogger she knew I would like – a lady who is big on savings AND an organic/natural lifestyle.  I was intrigued, because having tried couponing and gaining 5 lbs from all the unhealthy stuff you can get for close to free with coupons (free biscuits, cookie dough and cheezits? Oy vey), I had all but given up on the coupon route.  Organic and natural? Definitely something we are doing a lot of around here…everything from essential oils to natural carpet freshener and even beauty treatments.  You already know I’m days away from making my own soaps and candles…just got the final supplies in the mail and can hardly wait! The blog is called “The Thrify Mama – Natural and Thrifty”.

Yes, she has posts about ways to save at your natural grocers, but there is a lot more on her site, too! Everything from thrifty fashion, to a DIY home and garden section and money-saving ideas…I could spend hours on this site!

She also has a “thrifty decorating” category.  With all the birthday parties and gatherings we’ve have around here lately, this sounded especially appealing. I’ve been making pretty big batches of homemade banners for parties lately…sure, they take some time, but I love that I can use colors of my choosing and work on my lettering skills (example below from a recent shower).

Regarding the coupon side of things, she lists out Whole Foods coupons with links to printable coupons.  It’s unusual for me to imagine saving money on things like coconut milk and tamari, but how sweet! No, you don’t see deals like “.19 cents after coupons”, which is what I’d see a lot when I used websites like Southern Savers, but there are savings to be found (browse her Whole Foods deals here).

With all the vegan baking we’re doing around here, the homemade vanilla extract recipe definitely intrigued me.  Plus, it can get downright expensive for the organic bottles.  Love the smell of vanilla? She also has a homemade sugar vanilla scrub recipe posted (photos below).

If you enjoy getting blog posts via email, here is a link to her email subscription.  Prefer RSS? Link here. Enjoy!

Photos courtesy The Thrifty Mama

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