Adventures in Clay: Soap Dishes (with Photos to Share!)

Every holiday for the past few years, I’ve had a completed DIY (do-it-yourself) project to gift to my family members.  2 years ago it was handmade coasters.  Huge coaster kick that year, and still a go-to project (even this past week!).  Last fall it was hand sewn pumpkins in the Fall and jewelry at Christmas for the ladies.

Now that I’m adding a project or two to the gift closet (well, gift drawers) every week or so, I’m already thinking about fall birthdays and Christmas.  We have lots of October/November girls in the family, and the holidays always have a way of sneaking up! I have my holiday cards purchased.  Well, they are the same cards I purchased two years ago and never sent – ha! But, I’m working ahead this year. 

This year’s project?
Handmade soap with handmade, clay soap dishes.

Why soap? Well, I was inspired after purchasing a delightful bar of cold pressed soap in Parker, Colorado at the Farmer’s Market (post on that adventure coming soon).  Nothing has ever made my skin feel more soft and hydrated.  It sounds silly, but that little extra bit of self-care with handmade soap instead of store bought body wash really lifts my spirit.

I have since poured through 4 different soap making books, determined to craft my own batches and have them perfected before the holiday. I’ll keep you posted on that project!

In the meantime, thanks to the fabulous Kelly, I have already made 4 soap dishes.  It was my first clay project as an adult, and I really enjoyed the process (and my gracious host).

Kelly had a slab of clay ready when I arrived, so it was time to play and create texture/lay out my design.  She had a wonderful array of tools on-hand (seen below).

I decided it would be cute to use soap-inspired words on each of the dishes and went with “clean”, “scrub”, “wash” and “soap”.

After I was happy with my designs, it was time to cut into four dishes and do a little shaping.  The final touch was adding texture on the edges and little feet on the bottom.

Off to the kiln they go, then glazing.  We are thinking a shiny white, because the soap will add color and the designs are already just a bit busy and funky (smile).

I’ll share photos when they are completed and will have a soap making list/post ready in the coming weeks.

About Laura:
I’m a marketing professional/graphic designer who loves a great DIY (do it yourself) project and an adventure in cooking or sewing.

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Clay: Soap Dishes (with Photos to Share!)

  1. These are so cool! I love the design. I can’t wait to see them once they are fired. I make soap so I’m always on the look out for great soap dishes. I have a friend that makes pottery for a living – I took pottery in college – and used to go over to his place to make things. I made some soap dishes once but they were no where near as fun as yours! Thanks for sharing!


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